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- Annual Report 2021



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Welcome to The NGOs Electronic Reporting System - NERS

 Submission of the Annual Report 2021

See the official letters issued with respect to annual and biannual reports for the INGOs operating in Sudan

1. 30 Jan, 2011, 2. 17 Feb, 2011  3. 04 Aug, 2011 4. 19 Jan 2012, 5. 20 June 2012


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Important Note:
If the NGO Country Director does not have a user name and Password to access the NGOs Electronic Reporting System - NERS or the staff user name and password

- If the user name and password for the CD does not work, please do the following steps:

  1. Send an e-mail  to  with a copy to  requesting the username and password for the CD or staff, or both of the CD & Staff User Name and Password.

 2. The email should contains the following information:
        a. NGO Name:
        b. NGO Abbreviation:
        c. Last renewal Date
        d. Country Director Name:
        e. Country Director official email:

ICT Department will respond immediately to your e-mail with the Users Names and Passwords to access your account in NERS