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Realising the difficulties humanitarian organisations, particularly International NGOs experienced in following a number of bureaucratic procedures, the Government established the Joint Procedures Centre in 2006.  The objective was to bring together various departments and ministries (about 18 of them) that deal with various aspects of NGO work in Sudan under one roof and be facilitated by HAC in order to expedite facilitation.  The departments and ministries have deputed Director level staff members to be housed in the JPC, who are able to give approval to the various procedures of the NGOs.  HAC has appointed a Director General to facilitate the functions of the JPC.  The establishment of the JPC has enabled especially the INGOs in that they can approach one office and submit their applications related to visas, registration, work permit, national staff recruitment, customs exemption, Traffic proceduers etc and expect to get a response from the same office, without having to visit several offices.  This has considerably reduced administrative hassles experienced by NGOs besides providing a speedy response. 

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