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The Humanitarian aid in Sudan has witnessed various developments especially since the escalation of the Darfur crisis in 2003. The newly formed Ministry of Humanitarian Affairs and the Humanitarian Aid Commission (HAC) together faced the daunting task of facilitating what turned out to be the world’s largest humanitarian response.  Today Darfur has over 80 INGOs and several NNGOs working apart from various UN agencies and the Red Cross and Red Crescent societies.  Overall there are over 16,000 humanitarian workers, about 1500 of them international and manage over a thousand projects.  Facilitating such an exponential growth in humanitarian work has not been an easy task, however, the Government of Sudan has risen up to the occasion by promulgating several presidential decrees, signing up joint communiqués with the UN and setting up a number of mechanisms to facilitate humanitarian work in Darfur.

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